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Your health is your wealth – the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly reminded us all of this.

Our physical and mental health is so important but often becomes less of a priority in our lives when other factors take priority.

During the pandemic stresses of work and life have been magnified. The lines between personal and professional became blurred as we all stayed at home, juggling work calls, home schooling or sorting out grocery deliveries for loved ones. Whatever it was, you probably felt anxious or stressed at some point. 

As we ease into a reconfigured sense of normality, now is the time to reflect on your own health and wellbeing to assess areas of improvements. You may want to lose some weight gained over the last 12 months or finally it is the time to kick your smoking habit.

Your midlife MOT has lots of free and impartial help to get you started.

Why not start with a free Health Check from the NHS? It includes checks on your blood pressure, cholesterol, HbA1c and giving you advice and support to make any changes needed.

Find out how to book yours here:

Website Or text Healthyu to 60777

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